Keno Game and Ticket Types

Adding to the allure of playing Keno, over the years, many different card/ticket types have become available for playing Keno. Below, we have provided you with a quick and easy explanation of each type of card or ticket.

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Replay Tickets

keno-ticketIf you are a player who likes playing the same numbers or favorite combination, this is the card for you. By playing this type of ticket, you won’t be bothered with having to fill out a new card every single game. Simply hand your duplicate ticket from the first game to a runner/writer stating that you wish to play the same exact numbers.

If you want to change the amount of money you wish to wager, make sure you communicate this to the runner/writer. This replay card will be accepted as an original ticket for the next game and you will then receive a new duplicate with the new game number on it. You are allowed to repeat this process as many times as you want. In fact, after you win and you are collecting your money, most casinos or sites will ask you right then and there if you wish to replay the same ticket.

Straight Tickets

This basic ticket is the most commonly played ticket. With this ticket, you simply mark your chosen numbers and wait for the drawn numbers to show.

Using this type of card you must first select how many numbers/spots you want to play. Usually 1-15 spots. Some places even allow 20 or more on straight tickets. If you are looking to play for a higher payoff, it is recommended that you play 4-8 numbers. Below 4 spots, your payoff won’t be worth the average 30% casino take.

Next you will want to choose how much you want to bet. Most commonly, you will find these tickets to be $1.00. Some places even have tickets starting at 70 cents or lower.

Split Tickets

Split tickets are simply two or more straight tickets on one actual ticket. Each part of the ticket is contrived of a group of numbers that you either circle or separate by a line drawn between the two. Each group of numbers must have their own unique group that is not shared with any other group.

There really isn’t any advantage to split tickets, they just simply allow you to play 2 or more games on the same sheet of paper. Remember though, you cannot use the same number more than once.

Way Tickets

These tickets can become complicated and expensive. First of all, there are only two real reasons to use way tickets. One being convenience, the other being fractional rates.

If it is easier for you to mark multiple games on just one single ticket, than way tickets might be just the ticket for you. For example, on a way ticket, say you circle three different three-number groups. By writing the fraction 3/6 in the margin, you indicate that you want to bet each of these groups in combination with each of the other groups to form a possible six-spot bet.

The denominator (6) of the fraction (3/6) means that you want to play six-spot bets, and the numerator (3) indicates that the group you have circled may be combined in three different ways to form six-spot tickets; the first group combined with the second group, the first group combined with the third group, and the second group combined with the third group.

As far as the fractional rates go, you will find that some casinos will let you play for as little as 10 cents per way. Remember, it usually costs $1.00 to play on a straight ticket.

Since the payoffs on way tickets are the same as playing the same games in multiple tickets, it is not recommended for you to use way tickets if in any way they confuse you, and fractional rates do not interest you. With the example given above, it is easy to see why.

Combination Tickets

This type of ticket allows players to combine groups of straight bets on one ticket in many different ways with the player wagering an amount for each possible combination. Players can also combine straight bets and way bets on one ticket. You need to make sure that the groups bet on a combination ticket are clearly marked. This designated area is usually located on the right side of the ticket.

King Tickets

This type of ticket will have one number circled to form a group by itself. This number is called the king number and it can be used in combination with other groups of numbers on a ticket.

Like way and split tickets, on king tickets, you will (typically) mark the number of combinations played and the amount of your bet marked on the right side.

Special Tickets

This is a type of ticket that some casinos use to promote their keno games. Usually, these tickets have to be played during a specific and predetermined way and will have a different payoff schedule. Most of the time the schedule will be printed right there on the card. By offering a higher payoff amount, the casino is more likely to draw a larger amount of players.

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